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Life Coaching to fit your Lifestyle

Gym membership for your mind

Supporting you to reach your full potential

Supporting the
Health & Wellbeing
of Employees across the UK
Whats included
A monthly personal Development program
An initial discovery call with me to build your personalised plan (Meet me here)
Tools & Resources to support you achieve your goals
Monthly drop in webinars/Lives 

Emergency messaging for unexpected hurdles*

Just £10 per month

Joining The Hub will support you with any of the following areas

*Time Management
*Body Confidence
*Finding fulfillment at work
*Achieving your Life Goals
*Managing Change
*Stress Management
*Reducing Anxiety
*Enhancing Health & Wellbeing
*Building a Business
*Strengthening Relationships
*Leadership & Influence
*Increasing Productivity
No Contract
Cancel anytime
However just like going to the Gym it takes time to see the changes

What my clients have to say.....

'Zoe supported me through the breakdown of my marriage, she gave me guidance and strength. Advice and support upon work and financial matters. This lady was my rock throughout it all. I’m going into 2019 with a positive attitude and a different outlook on life. Zoe taught me about different personalities and how to see something from another's point of view and understanding.
This has helped me in all aspects of my life and I am much more open minded and relaxed about life. I have now quit my corporate job and started my own business. I highly recommend Zoe!'

Sarah - York


'Zoe has been an immeasurable help in my life since I met her a few year ago. She brought me from a place where I saw no future, no hope for myself and no goals in life. I had my first session with Zoe and she became more than just a coach, she was a mentor who has not only guided my way of thinking but helped me believe truly what I am capable of and is even the very reason, I have chosen to become a life coach to support others in the same way.'

Elliot - Barnsley

'Zoe has supported me in my self employed business. Always organised and thorough and level headed. Zoe listens to where you want to be and helps with how to get there'

Liz - Wetherby

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*Membership limited to 2 emergency messages a month, otherwise additional charges may apply

**Additional monthly 1-2-1's available, additional charges apply