Hi! I'm Zoe, a Business & Life Consultant serious about supporting you to find your Balance.

You decided to work for yourself to create the perfect work life balance. You wanted to be able to say 'life is peachy' and a lot of the time it is however sometimes its hectic, you think you know what you want, you know where you want to be, you've sometimes fallen off the path to reach you goals - I get it! 

You miss having a team to bounce ideas around with, or talk through an issue that you need to solve. Being part of the Business Collective could be just the support you need to bring back your balance. 

If you want o feel part of a team when the going gets tough, or when you want to celebrate your successes, Have a look at how The Hub could bring you the balance you need.


As supporter and coach, for the past 20+ years, this includes 850+ self employed Business owners/Entrepreneurs,  and over 1000+ employees, been a successful owner of two previous businesses too. One of which was a Business coaching and marketing business, which is now in the hands of my then Business partner, as I had an opportunity to follow my passion for floristry! So ran my own successful florist business, I then had a little time out when I had my 2 youngest boys and guess what? I was offered a job that was too good to miss! (I know back to doing it for a corporate Company) That job saw me Supporting and Coaching Self employed MLM distributors (over 450). 

However the entrepreneur in me missed Doing it for myself. So I set up again and now I combine doing it for myself, whilst supporting others to do the same. I absolutely LOVE what I do.

I'm married, a mum of 2 boisterous boys and a twenty year old too, I juggle school runs, schedules, I'm flawed, messed up and in no way have it all together! My washing piles up, I freak out and I guess I'm not easy to live with.

It's fair to say, I know a little about working smarter and being 'all things to all people'

We all have those moments, you'll be relieved to know I'm human too. I'm real, I'm honest, I'm passionate about supporting others to unlock their potential, everyone deserves the opportunity to Live their best life.

So, if you have passion and want to succeed, if life is a bit crazy right now or you're having a business 'wobble' then you're my type of person, you're human too.

As and Accredited Business and Life Coach, an Associate member of the Institute of Leadership & Management, with 20 years experience in Business, Training & Coaching others to reach their potential, I have strategies and experience to support you to tip the balance and get back on track, with your personal or business goals. I'll be your biggest supporter, I'll be in your corner, say hello to a positive future.


Lets book in a quick chat, or an informal meet up, its FREE, so you've nothing to lose, I may just be able to help, if you don't 

contact me you'll never know.

© 2018 by Zoe Beattie. 

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