My coaching style blends traditional practices with modern edgey perspective. I'm honest, real and believe in supporting you to simply find your HAPPY.

Its easy these days to search Google for a self help download for everything life has thrown at us, BUT do you do it, do you read the guide, take the actions and run with it for a better future?

Well, thats where I come in, I'll not only support you with the tools and strategies you need to find your happy, I'll listen to YOU, I'll not only work on the surface issues that are holding you back, I'll get right to the core and truly find your happy. 

The Personal Happiness course will focus on :-

      *Where you are now, looking at whats holding you back.

      *Exploring challenges and working through them together.

      *Identifying any immediate concerns that we can overcome to make changes.

      *Identifying whats important to you.

      *Develop Strategies and plan goals to truly reach your potential.

      *Any anxiety, assertiveness or personal circumstances that are challenging your happy.

The course includes

      *Pre course discovery session, to find out where you are now and where you want to be.

      *6  hours of 1-2-1 sessions

      *Fully detailed plan to keep you focused

      *3 x 20 minute follow up calls to keep you on track (weekly)


The personal Happiness Course £119*

You will achieve

      *A sense of purpose



      *A happy life you love


Individual Personal Coaching sessions

£45 per hour *

£79 per 2 hour session*

On average clients usually require between 4-8 hours to get them on their Journey.

Contact me now to book your FREE 15 minute discovery call, to see if we can find your happy. 

*Travel costs may apply