Welcome to the hub!

  The place where you will get the full support of a Life Coach to support you to achieve your goals, all wrapped up in an affordable monthly membership.


Firstly, you will receive an email confirmation of your membership from ‘GoCardless’! They will handle the Direct Debit from your bank and confirm your payment dates.



    Book your Discovery call click the button at the bottom of the bottom of the page.

    This call will give us the foundations we need to build your program.


     Before the call

     Have a think about where you are now, where you want to be, what things you want to change           and any hurdles that are holding you back.


      During the call

      We will agree together your program and what tools and support will help you achieve your                goals.

      We will go through what’s included in your membership and you’ll have lots of opportunity to ask        questions.


      After the call

      I will send you a summary of the actions we have talked about and we will take the first steps to          bring balance back into your life.



Speak soon




Zoe xx

07951 288444